Graceling - Kristin Cashore I will once again go against the flow. I have heard great things and I expected so much, but honestly, it was ok, nothing more nothing less.Katsa was supposed to be really dangerous, and everyone was scared of her since she killed her cousin when she was eight. She saw herself as a monster, a beast, well, yes that is ok, but I was not scared of her. I know she was doing all these kinds of right things so make herself feel better. But I wanted to be scared of her, at least a tiny bit. To see her as others saw her. But there was nothing. And that actually went on through the entire book. It was rather sweet. This was a killer, there was blood, treats, but that atmosphere did not change and the book felt too cute.Other than the overall cuteness of the book, and that I never felt oh no danger danger, Katsa was a good heroine. I liked her, she was nice. Po was a cutie too, and they made a good couple. if you can call them that.Which brings me to my other point, ok yes yes she is all kick ass and stuff, but does she has to go out of her way to be so anti-girl, I hate my hair, cut it off, I do not want babies or a relationship. This love story, yikes. Just cos she is anti-woman does not mean she can't be in a relationship, that does not mean you give up your freedom, and that you can only see each other a few times in a year because or else my freedom will suffer.Ok by now you might have seen that this is turning out to be one of those negative reviews. But it was ok, and that is the problem. I always get so disappointed when a book turns out to be ok. I always expect more and had so from this one. But it was too cute, too YA. Too simplistic. But yes do not listen too me, I always find faults in ok books. They just makes me sad cos they have so much potential, and I expected more.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I do like both, the first really shows how she is, and the other is rather mysterious. Nice covers.Reason 4 reading: Borrowed from a friendFinal thoughts: Everyone else loves it so go on give it a try.