The King of Attolia (The Queen's Thief Series #3)

The King of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner This one was different. Costis was the main character so we never really got under Gen's and Attolia's skin. We never really how they felt. I'll take a step back.Gen and Attolia are now married (and I still do not know how old he is, sure if I only remembered how old Eddis was I could count but do I know? Arghh, anyway, boyking gets his older bride). And Gen is not at ease at court. All this we see through Costi's eyes as he grows to like Gen. As people try to Kill Gen, as Gen does nothing to make people like him. Poor Gen. The court was not nice to him. And I also kept wondering, does Attolia love him back? But we could not know. Oh the evilness of a POV switch, she sure knows how to keep the readers on our toes.I liked it, as I wanted more, I wanted to know. I wanted to see Gen do well. And I still do not know how he still could love her...she, well if you are reading this then you might have read book 2, or well, you should know better since this is book 3 and I am obviously gonna mention some things. She cut off his hand when he was in her dungeons. Now that must be true love from his side. That crazy thief.On to book 4 then.