Chosen (House of Night Series #3)

Chosen - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast My third House of Night books, and I find myself starting to enjoy them. They are just so so very YA. The keep on swearing, and talking about kissing boys.In this one Zoey has problems with her 3 boyfriends. Eric all sweet, Loren who tempts her, and Heath, whose blood she sure likes. But then there is the problem with her weird Zombievampire friend, and the fact that Neferet is not all she says she is.The twins, I have kind of grown tired of them, and always hearing the look alike. Zoey, must she always talk about what a nerd she is, and that she is a slut, when she isn't. Who I did like was Aphrodite. I get her now.Oh and since I read a translation, did her grandmother really say shitmonkey?! Cos was it a new word, or did they just translate it to something that has never been used.Anyway, readers who like YA paranormal will enjoy this one. It has all the ingredients. And I find myself ..amused.