Untamed (House of Night Series #4)

Untamed - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Ok ok, I am getting more amused. But still these books are just too YA for me. It's in the way the people act, so very YA, there is namedropping and they are just trying to be so hip, and know what kids are about. I didn't really care for that even when I was younger. There is a reason why I read harlequin when I was 10.Anyway in this one she has lost her boyfriends, Neferet is evil and wants to start a war. Her friends hate her, and something evil is lurking around.I would love to read an English version to see if they are the same, cos the translation, it feels like they try to much.But I find myself more interested, and much more than with book 1. And the way this one ended, I need book 5. I will not stop reading. Some I only read cos I kind of want to know. But with this one, I am starting to like it. Especially Aphrodite, she has changed. And with the Cherokee myths in this one, what can I say I enjoyed it. But, this is the big one, please stop explaining every freaking time that the twins are not twins and blah blah blah.