The Mistress' House

The Mistress' House - Leigh Michaels Plot:This is not just one story, they all connect, but it is actually three stories. In the first we meet Hawthorne who meets a mysterious woman, who wants a lover. But he ends up falling in love with his Lady Anne. In the next story Anne rents out their former love nest (that is just behind their own house) to a friend who meets the Earl's cousin. And then at last Hawthorne gets a ward who causes a bit of scandal of her own in the house.My thoughts:After my last book that I could not focus on I was happy to see that this was not the case with this one. It had me reading the three different stories quickly.How to review it then, since there are three love stories...I must focus on one at a time. The first one is about Lady Anne who is a widow, and does not want a husband, but a lover might do the trick. I liked her, she was aware of things, but a bit broken too, and then there was Hawthorne, yes we do all love a rake. Since the story about the affair is 100 pages long things do happen quickly. And this is an affair so that works well. This was my fave story of the three, and we do see more of them in the two other stories.The next one surprised me a bit, I thought Felicity was crazy at first, and so thought Colford. That made this story a bit different. There was a broken heart, and lies from the past. She owned a mill up north, he was of noble birth. And then there was something she wanted that I shall not mention. But again she knew what she wanted, and I liked that about her. And he, well he could not believe his luck. So I liked this one too.To the third story, not so keen about this one. Georgiana was just too young, naive and innocent, and honestly silly. The other two women knew what they were doing but Georgie, no, and cos of that I just thought Julian should have shown a little more (ok a lot more restraint.) But there was one thing I liked about this one and that was the end. Good solid ending. I liked how Michaels kept surprising me.Recommendation and final thoughts:In the end, there was two good stories, and one where I was a bit annoyed at the couple. But I still read the story quickly. A nice romance, and lots of passion, because this is a book about mistresses and they have 100 pages to fill so they filled a lot of that time in bed. I was certainly in the mood for a historical romance. If you want some passion with your romance then this one might be for you.Reason for reading:Sounded interesting.