Unclaimed (Turner, #2)

Unclaimed  - Courtney Milan A hero who is a virgin, yes I do like that. So refreshing from all those rakes who are running around and surely have an STD or two by now. Instead I get a hero, Mark, who is a virgin, he has got a few issues, and at the moment he is sick of the praise put upon him. He may be a virgin, but he sure still is a man.The heroine on the other hand is a courtesan, so she has gotten around. And sure she has got her reasons, but to try to seduce poor Mark and ruin him, so not cool. But as we learn she does have her reasons, and I do understand those reasons and why she does feel like she does not have a choice.Thrown together it becomes a nice little tale, ok I should not call it nice. It's a tale about lies, feelings, and a woman who feels broken inside.Of course I disliked Jessica at times, who could not, she would ruin and break his heart. But it was obvious she was falling so I had to like her. And their situation was also so hopeless. A courtesan and London's most famous virgin? Not gonna happen! But of course we all know it will happen and I am was happy when it did.It was a different sort of romance. You know there is trickery at the start, you want them to still be together, but Milan sure makes them work for it. And in the end everyone lives happily ever after.