Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods Series #1)

Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods Series #1) - I don't know about this one, it was another ok book. It was good, and I wanted to know what happened next but something just made it ok for me. It might be that I don't enjoy reading about preppy bitchy kids, neither do I want to watch them on tv. Same things with preppy bitchy adults. That might have ruined it a bit for me. Gossip Girl with vampires, well if I must.I liked Schuyler, she was not like the rest. Ste stands out with her clothes and her ways. So I did like her, and her friend Oliver. But then there are the preppy kids, nope I can't like Jack Force even if he is pretty decent. But I just don't fall for him. And I sure do not like his sister Mimi, then again you are not meant to like her. Blair, the new girl is actually rather ok and her I can connect with. But there is something missing in some of her actions.I spent half of the book waiting for something good to happen. I didn't want high school drama, I wanted vampires. The finally I started to get some answers about the whole vampire deal. And here I like what Melissa de la Cruz does, she weaves a great history and mythology surrounding the origins of vampires, about different kinds of blood and how vampires live. A very intersting part that made me very thirsty for more. This was the best thing about the book.The story, it started and then it ended and left me hanging. Nothing happened in a way, and I want to know more. Here is to hoping I get to read the next 3 books. Because in the end, many books I read I only feel ok about. That sure doesn't mean they are bad, no I need to know what happens in this series. I am curious about Schuyler (just don't do what I did and read the blurbs on the other books, I did spoil some things for me there. But in the end it left me really wanting to read the books.)Not that much romance, not that much action, perhaps if you have watched Gossip girl and shows like that and enjoy them then this is the one for you. Cos vampires sure makes it so much better.