Battle Royale

Battle Royale - Koushun Takami, Yuji Oniki As ebooks always have funky pages I can't say for how long the book was boring, 60 pages perhaps. So very boring. If this had not been a Scoundrel book then I would have given up long before. So I read, but then I started to grow tired by it all again. It was not that it was bad, it as just long, and I read fantasy books longer than this. So it was slow and boring at times. But at other times it was really good.By page 300 or so I started to skim, and skimming on an e-reader takes time, so I still read most of it.Why did it not work: A very SLOW beginning. The flashbacks, come on, flashbacks all the time, while I was all just kill each other and put me out of my misery. Also, what was up with the constant "who do you have a crush on?" Really, people are running around chopping each other to pieces and still everyone seems to take time and talk about crushes. I would be hiding and not talking..oh and checking so no one comes near. Stupid teens.The violence was not that violent actually. I mean yes it was violent, but I would not say it was that graphic. Also it was interesting to compare with the Hunger Games. Yup she def took a few things from this one. And The Hunger games is a 8 year old girl's bday party compared to this book. Sure it's an adult book but you catch my drift. Games to the death should be bloody and freaking horrible.I also did not like that there was no point to the Games. Other than a fucked up society. And the end, I did not like the end. I want conclusions. Not something that leaves me hanging. I hate that shit.Good at times, boring at times. It gets an ok grade for me for that. Still an interesting insight into a society that is just all messed up.