Flutter - Gina Linko This book was light and easy to read, and one thing kept me reading and reading. What on earth is going on in this book?Emery is not your average girl. She suffers from seizures and have to sleep in the hospital. And these seizures are killing her. While in them she sees things and comes to the conclusion that she is time-travelling. And this was the thing that pushed me forward. Is she really? How will she stop it from killing her? The mystery around her and her disease was good.She travels to another town and meets Ash. He has secrets of his own, slowly I learn more and feel that their story is as doomed as they come.The book is such a mystery. Time-travel, a strange disease, a mystery little boy that tells her to go to this town...making it into a good book that I had a hard time putting down.And the end, wow, the end..that is all I am saying. I did not see it coming.