Three Days to Dead

Three Days to Dead - Kelly Meding My thoughts:Perhaps I just had too many expectations about this one, I mean it was good, but it wasn't great. I am sure many will and have loved this book, but, there the but is again. How to say this, sure if the next book was given to me I would read it, but would I go out of my way to get it, no.Oh see, now you all think I did not enjoy it. Cos I did. It was fast paced filled with questions and some sexual tension. Evy was as kick-ass as anyone. She had three days to live and she was going to get to the bottom of things, instead of living life to the fullest for those last three days. Her love-interest was Wyatt, her handler, all sweet and, oh that man just loved her from afar. Great guy. Then there was the myriad of other beings, elves, evil goblins, vampires, weres and all different things that lived and hunted in that city.Great worldbuilding, cool story, some awesome ass.kicking, what wasn't there to love. Still, why did I not love it as much as I could since UF is for me...perhaps it was the stress of wanting to finish a book this week. I am not used to stress-reading. I may have ruined the book for me. Conclusion:In the end I would still recommend this book to fans of UF. It just was so cool, and I do know that there are some UF books that I have thought to be ok and that later have become awesome. So perhaps this is one of those. I will leave it with that I do hope to read book 2 one day and find out.