Viper Moon (Earth Witches Series #1)

Viper Moon (Earth Witches Series #1) - More a 3,5It says UF romance on the side and it fits. Sure it is a kick-ass urban fantasy but it does have a bit more romance than other books, only a bit though. And another thing that surprised me was that this was a stand alone novel. The book ends, with a HEA none the less. Of course that does not mean it is the end. Nope evil is still around but it seems that the next book will have a new heroine.But this book is about Cassandra. When she was 18 the Earth Mother came to her and said she was her huntress and would rescue kids. That is now what she does. To her help she has an earth mother priestess, Abby who has saved her broken body more than once. She also has three pets, two snakes and a cat. Why are they important? Well, they can kick ass and take numbers too.The Earth Mother is a "pagan" demi-god who cares for the Earth and her children. Because in this city it is needed. There is The Darkness that has engulfed a part of the city and reigns there. There are monsters in the sewers and bad humans on the streets. What is amazing about this world is that people forget about that part of the city. They think a bog starts there and even people living there pretends there are no monsters, but they still know. You can't even see the place on maps.And Cass, do not even get me started about how kick-ass she is. She is violent and she will not hesitate pulling the trigger or cracking a rib on a bad guy. She does everything is takes to save kids. She felt raw and real. A total bad-ass. Oh and I loved her relationship with her pets, snakes scare me to death but her pets were just wonderful and friendly.The romance then, well there is this cop named Flynn who needs her to rescue his sister who has gone to the Barrows. And things will heat up. And then there is Michael, yes, I know, but the mysterious bad/good guy is just so irresistible. He is yummy.When the book ended I felt sad, I am not used to getting results so quickly and I really liked this heroine. But I am sure the next one will carry the torch and kick more ass in the Barrows.Conclusion:A good start to an urban fantasy series. It has action, it has romance and a new exciting world. I'd recommend it. Hard to put down too.rating:Good