Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning Series #1)

Nightfall - Ellen Connor More like a 3,75 or somethingMy thoughts:The authors behind this book are Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty, and together they have created an apocalyptic world that is going to hell, and they even manage to write in some hot passion while the beasts are howling.Jenna lives in a world that is about to collapse. Europe is silent, parts of the US are silent, while the new government tells people everything is ok and that whatever happened there will not come here. Oh, no they didn't, that is stupid and people pay for their stupidity as horrible dogbeasts attack and kill people and technology fails and stops working. Yes the world ends in blood. But our heroine Jenna gets kidnapped before that happens. She was likeable even if she fought against him a bit too much, but then the world did end. Her kidnapper Mitch is a warrior in the true sense and he owes a debt and therefore he saved her. The chemistry is there at once and they will get to have a few hot moments when they are not fighting beasts.There are also a few others. Little Penny who does not talk and Ange her mother who only wants to protect her. Tru a young kid who matures a lot and Chris a scientist they come across as Jenna wants to save them all.But the best part is of course in my opinion the end of the world. Magic comes back and makes killer beasts, but magic can be good too as they find out. I liked the idea of a world changing from technology back to magic, even if it ends with a big bang. There is also a lot of action and when it ends, well I do wonder if the world can get back on its feet.Conclusion:It was an interesting world and I do want to know what happens and would like to read the next book (takes place 3 years after this one). I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance, dystopia and in the end just all of you. Hot passion and action is promised.