The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan My thoughts:Since I read a translation I can never be really sure if I would have liked the original better (but I think so). Still it was a good book. Anyway, the book is about Mary who lives in a village in the middle of a forest. They are ruled by the Sisterhood (let's just say strict nuns who preach fire and lie) and all around them are zombies. They believe they are the only ones left (at least that so the lying "nuns" tell them.) Mary has a choice in this book, hope someone fancies her and marry her or become a Sister. Cos the village need babies. There is also a sort of love triangle. Her best friend really likes her but she likes his brother. Oh the drama.Back to Mary, she had questions, which was good. But even if the whole romance drama was good it was still a bit, well just spit it out people. Tell the other one you like them instead of everyone getting paired of in loveless marriages. Foolish! Of course I still liked it but it did irk me a bit at the end. Will not say why, and yes that sounds cryptic I know.Scary, not really. Perhaps the translation took away some of the scary. Yes there were zombies, yes they killed *yawn*. When I look back I remember the love drama more than creepy zombies.But it was still good. I did not want to put it down and I loved learning more what had happened to the world.Conclusion:A good zombie/horror/dystopia/love YA book.Rating:Good