True Spies

True Spies - Shana Galen I tried my best not to think of True Lies while reading this book, I mean who wants to see that when reading about Baron? Yes not me.I liked the fact that they had been married for ages. Winslow was always away (cos he was a spy and she did not know) and Elinor grew tired of being stood up. Their marriage was not a loving happy one. She had been forgotten, and it had never been a love match. Now how can it go wrong with a premise like that?I did feel sorry for Elinor, but then again, those were the days. Maybe she should not go and try to be involved in an affair to spice things up. Winslow could have cast her out and she would never have seen the kids again.And Winslow, really, spend some time with your kids and wife. You are both idiots in the end.But the book is not gonna end like that. Winslow has started to think his wife is hot. She is not gonna forgive him that easily and if you have seen True Lies you know where this is gonna go. There will be danger and spy games for both of them.But I was not that happy about a certain thing at the end...can't tell you why. But it was irresponsible. Spies, danger and romance between two people who have been married a long time, but not been in love.