A Lady and Her Magic

A Lady and Her Magic - Tammy Falkner Cute is the word. What else to expect when Fairy (and then I mean wings and all) meets a handsome, brooding duke.Sophia was a breath of fresh air, she was fun, sweet and not always thinking where her feet took her. She was just cute. She is also a fairy with a mission.Our handsome duke is a recluse as everyone things he killed his wife..and he also says this on the first page. So I did wonder about that, but he was so nice and all so of course couldn't he have killed her. Well this at least I hoped.Together they are, not proper. She is not bound by the ton's rules (just by fairy rules which she breaks too). And he feels alive for the first time since his wife's death. They were cute and passionate.It was amusing and different. A paranormal romance in a historical setting. A fun sweet story about loosing your head and heart. I did not want to put it down after having started it.