The Emperor's Soul

The Emperor's Soul - Brandon Sanderson This book was short, so very short, but that does not matter. I will in the end read anything by Brandon Sanderson.In 175 pages he tells the story of Shai, who is a forger (do not make me go into details. She creates things, let's leave it at that.) She is in prison, and those in power need her forging. She is clever, insightful and very good at what she does. As the book is very short we see her hurrying with what she is tasked to do, cos else she will die.The world building and magic is not laid out open as there is not enough time, but Sanderson still manages to explain what forging is and hint about an interesting world. Of course I would have loved to see it grow even more, to explore it more and about Shai. But we can't have it all, and I will take what I get. It was An easy book that can be read in a few hours.