Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time Series #6)

Lord of Chaos - Robert Jordan Another long one, 1000 pages, book 6, well you get the general idea. So for this re-read review I will look at the characters.Rand, honestly I always thought I had a crush on him, but so far nothing has stirred at this front. He is just crazy, laughing by himself and talking with Lews in his head. He is rather pompous too.Mat, was this the book where I suddenly did not heart Mat anymore? I think so. He was rather pompous too.Egwene, do I like her yet *laughs* No, and this is the book where she spends some time on Gawyn's knee. She is just too nice.Elayne, eh, little less I love Rand Please.Nynaeve, now look at that, I am starting to like the braid tugging woman.Perrin, How on earth did I think he was boring when I was a teen? He is a cutie!Mazrim Taim, Grrrr, he has plans, I know it! (as I can't remember anymore what will happen later on, LOL). Still I like him.Galad, do you really need to ask? I HATE HIM. Down with the White Cloaks!!!!Alanna, Grrrrr, that bitch. Unforgivable.Logain, I wish he would do something soon..*hearts*Min, and to think I found her dull too. I like her snappy comments.Faile..I so do not understand women *Perrin, Mat and Rand agree*Gawyn, That idiot has a stick up his behind. Do not trust the one rumor you hear. Arghhh, I want to ring his dang neck.Not much about the Seanchan, but I can still put it here that I hate them, down with the Seanchan!The Forsaken, I like bad guys. They are so evil.Berelain, I think that I did not like her the first time around, but she is a maneater and I approve.The Aes Sedai, idiots. All around.Scared yet? Yes there are A LOT of characters in this series..a LOT.Aviendha, truth be told I am pretty neutral but I just find her silly for going all, oh no! I can't sleep with Rand again, he belongs to Elayne..uh, your people's custom is to share a man. So what is the problem?Tallanavor, ok so he is not around much, but he is a cutie!Whitecloaks, they have to be mentioned again cos I despise them.Awesome series!!!! :D Even if things move really..really..really slowly.