A Conspiracy of Kings (The Queen's Thief Series #4)

A Conspiracy of Kings - Megan Whalen Turner Sure I liked the book but I was also disappointed. Ok so book 3 was about someone else, but Gen was always there. While this one was about Sophos. The heir to Sounis who gen met in book 1. So it was not Gen's book at all, and yeah, not a fan of that fact. Might be the one I liked the least.Anyway, Sophos is weak and likes poetry. Sophos is kidnapped, Sophos is a slave, Sophos matures. And then there is fighting. That is this book and every time we saw Gen, not much though, he felt like such a stranger. But the writing is still good and the book so too. And it makes me wonder that if she does write more books..who will have the POV in those books?As it is now the book ends good and so..for now (there is always a for now). It could have been an end to the series. But who knows.Honestly I haven't got much to say. I missed Gen cos he is so fun and weird. But at least I got to see Sophos and Eddis trying to find each other again