Sultry with a Twist (Sultry Springs)

Sultry with a Twist - Macy Beckett A contemporary romance set in a small town, insert a grandmother with a mission, and two young people meant to be. And there you have it.Mae-June has not spoken with her grandmother in ages. Sure I got why, still I felt sorry of her gran who was all alone. June loves her job, she has plans for her future and she is an all around nice woman. Still fate (meaning her grandmother Pru has other plans for her). Oh Pru, I do like grandmothers who know what they want, even if she would be way to tough for me.Sultry Springs, is a god fearing community. Not so many meddling old women around here (but you know that they are there). We do meet some of the church ladies and the priest. A nice cast for this book. Together with Trey, but then who is Trey? I am ahead of myself, but I will say that I hope his book is next.The hero then. That would be Lucas, June's best friend, and the guy she has a crush on when younger. Now they are both suddenly older, but not always wiser. He has baggage and, well that needs to be worked through. But I liked him. He had been hurt, he has lost what he wanted. A good guy, even if that chip on his shoulder was mighty big. Oh and Trey's is his best friend if you wondered ;)Conclusion:A sweet romance about finding the love you always wanted.