Body Check

Body Check - Deirdre Martin My thoughts:I seem to be reading a lot of contemporary romance lately, and I do like that. Just normal people falling love and so on. Sweet.I did like the main characters. Janna was very driven, but at the same time she was very insecure and did not think she could accomplish what she wanted. Ty was stubborn, a leader, and I liked him. He was also afraid. He had been burned, and felt that women stole the determination he needed to win. But there was passion between these two, even if one person was a stubborn ass sometimes ;)One thing though, there was a certain situation, and I did not think it was dealt with like it should have been. I wanted more. It was a side-story, and now I am really cryptic as always.Hockey (oh yes I do not watch it, but I like it, we are a hockey-nation), romance, a certain side-story, and some drama at the office. Some just do not play nice.Recommendation and final thoughts:If you want a nice romance with sports in it then this might be for you. I enjoyed it, and did read it fast.