The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, Book 1)

The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter Poor little, D at Paperback DayDreamer forced me to read this book, aye she said she would kick my ass if I did not do it before the end of October. And I being a scared little rabbit did as she told me.Ok in reality it was more that she read the series and every time I commented how I meant to start it..again and again. Then finally she asked me and I confessed to needing that kick in the butt to get started ;)And I am happy to finally have started this series because Maddox was a hottie. He is the kind of man that in reality I would knee him in the groin and tell him that he is not the boss of me. But in the books, all the mine mine mine, just makes me melt. He is truly alpha, a bit of a cave man, tormented by the demon inside him, and come on what more can a girl ask for?!The heroine, oh whatever, who cares about the heroine when I have a alpha caveman, demoninfested hottie to read about ;) A guy who dies every night and is tormented in hell. But yeah yeah, good heroine, they sparked.The concept of the series was good too. Pandora's box was open and now they house the demons inside and it is pure hell. They are also people after them and have been for a long time. But of course all these men will find their sweethearts and live happily ever after.I should say something about what happened, Maddox meets Ashlyn, it does not take long for him to want her, trouble with his brothers, trouble with bad guys, the Gods are up to no good, and Ashlyn and Maddox has some hot passion before them. There you go, and I must say that the last 100 pages were thrilling.Conclusion:I hope the rest are as alpha, cos you know I love that. I would read more.