Succubi Like it Hot (Succubus Diaries)

Succubi Like It Hot - Jill Myles My thoughts:Where to start, these are just so funny! I am not a big PNR fan in a way, I mean the genre is good and I enjoy books but I seldom truly fall for a book. But then there are the exceptions and Jill Myles is one of those.Jackie is her new succubus self. Hot but with that darn itch, but luckily she has her vampire master Zane and her Serim master Noah to service her. I adore Jackie, she is funny and who can blame her if she can't choose between two gorgeous men! Sorry Noah but I am all team Zane. Noah is ok, sweet and angelic (since he used to be one), and he does love her. But Zane, oh Zane, a girl have to love the wicked vampire. It's the law ;) How I wish she could keep them both. But sadly they are at each other's throat in this one and want her to choose. Which is silly since then the other one can just tell her come here. Since they made her, they are her masters and the have to do everything they tell her to do. Now that sounds pretty kinky, luckily these two love her.This book is all about the roadtrip. She fights with her men and cos of a curse that could leave her starving to death in the middle of an orgy she has to go to New Orleans and find a way to lift it. With her she has Remy, the best pornstar bff a girl can want. And it's a recipe for disaster as they meet horny men, see the curse go crazy, there will even be death and danger, and Jochaim will make a appearance in Remy (now that sounds bad again. He is this fallen angel whose presence she has inside of her, long story, read book 1.)And the best thing is that it's so freaking funny. I smiled and laughed and suddenly I was at page 200. I have no idea where the time went. The pages just fly by.Conclusion:This is truly a PNR series I can recommend. Go ahead and read it, oh and yes, it's pretty passionate too at times ;)Rating:Do read it