Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries)

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi - Jill Myles I really enjoyed this book, yay good paranormal romance. I am usually kind of meh about it ever since I found UF. But this one saved PR for me.This is the story of Jackie Brighton who wakes up in a dumpster. She remembers a hunky guy but that is it, soon changes are happening. Big boobs, shiny pretty hair and men following her with their tongues hanging out. She is a succubi, doomed to have sex, or else that itch will just kill her. Not so good when she is not a one night stand kind of girl, well except for that one time.First there is the history that I really enjoyed. There are the Serim, angels that fell from heaven and were cursed cos they slept with mortal women. Then there are the vampires, fallen angels that wanted their wings back. Both are cursed, both are pissed, and in the middle there are succubi with a sexlust like a vampire's need for feeding, and with the sex coming from the Serim curse. There are also those real angels, and they seem to be assholes, and demons (guess I will meet those later.)I was a bit worried that I would not like Jackie, her being sexcrazed and all. But she was cool, and silly, totally clueless, and she wanted sex to mean something. Yes as long as she stays like that I will like her.Then there is her new best friend, Remy Summore, a pRonstar (hiding from spammers here they have been on me like crazy!), and the only succubi in town. And she has no problem with sleeping around to take care of the Itch, and she was just cool.But let me introduce you to the men, first there is Noah, the angel, and there this Zane, the vampire. Noah helps her out in the beginning since he accidentally helped create her, scratching that Itch in many ways. Then she meets Zane when she gets in trouble and have to find an ancient halo. Oh Zane, mmm, yes I fell for the bad boy in this one. The next book has him on the cover and he is a hottie. But then I never did like those blond angel guys. I hope she gets Zane hehe.Great history, hot guys, a hilarious friend, a heroine getting in trouble, and a hunt in Egypt for a lost halo. Could it get better?Jill Myles has created a new fun paranormal romance series, The succubus diaries is something I would like to read more of. Luckily for me there is a other book out, and book 3 is coming later this year. I guess succubi do have all the fun.