My Fair Succubi (Succubus Diaries)

My Fair Succubi (Succubus Diaries) - Jill Myles This is how I like my PNR, funny. It is the perfect mix for me when you also put in lots of passion and a love triangle that truly works. And I am all about team Zane since Noah bores me.Anyway this book starts with Noah and Jackie at a dig. Noah sure likes her, but Jackie, oh Jackie, we both know the vampire is a better match. How I missed Zane. Still the book is good with its drama and Zane will show up again. While Noah is a nice little boyscout, Zane is just so very mmm yummy. And I will not tell you how it end or how or if my feelings change after the big reveal that I have been waiting for. Why she was made. As for the story, we got evil Joachim popping up again, Jackie gets a new sidekick named Ethan (I did like him), and can she get the halo before the Serim get her? The race is on and I am never bored, especially not when you throw in an itch or two here and there.The book left me happy, but there is more to come. Sadly no deal for another book but Myles is selfpublishing and I just read the blurb for book 4, thrilling.Conclusion:I do want more, I like this word and I like the vibe in it. Here is one pnr series that I can recommend