Zane's Tale (Succubus Diaries, #2.5)

Zane's Tale (Succubus Diaries, #2.5) - Jill Myles Be still my heart, this novella was only 12 pages or so but it still packed enough for my heart to break over Zane. I love him, Team Zane!This story takes place between book 2 and 3 and he has given up Jackie but in this we see how tormented he is because he had to give her up. And deep his love for her is. It is quite heartbreaking and it makes me love him all the more (and think Noah is so boring and that she should dump him).A short tale but an insight into Zane's heart that you do not want to miss. So one last time, Team Zane, wohoo! I sure hope they get together soon again.And of course this one should not be read before book 2 because then you will miss why he left her.