Wicked Games

Wicked Games - Jill Myles, Jessica Clare My thoughts:I did watch one season of Survivor. This was the first ever Survivor that Swedish tv showed. But I did not like the backstabbing and it was boring. But as a book, oh it works marvellous as a story.Abby is sent to be a part of a gameshow and she notices at once that she does not look like the rest. The playboy bunny with big fake boobs or the walking stick. But then she is doing it for a bookdeal. And what is there not to like about Abby, she is snarky and normal. She is not letting her new team-mate Dean get the upper hand. Dean, oh he is athletic and gorgeous and he wonders why she keeps frowning at him. Not love at first sight, it is more dislike that turns into attraction and then love when they find out more about each other.The show goes on for 2 months so it is not like the fall instantly in love, no it takes a while (ok not that long but then they do spend every waking moment together). And when it does happen the better. They were just too stubborn to see it before those fools.And since this is about a game there will be backstabbing, heartache and then one final HEA.Conclusion:I really enjoyed this short novella and I kept reading fast to see when they would get it on. A lovely story in a different setting.Rating:Liked it