No Place to Run (KGI Series #2)

No Place to Run - Maya Banks Plot:Sam was in town to spy on an arms dealer and while there he had a passionate fling with a woman. And 5 months later he her helps out of a lake, half-drowned and pregnant with his child. And he tells him that they both are in danger.My thoughts:I have not read much from this genre; make that 2 books that fit one way. But I like this romance sub-genre, because action is always good. This is book 2 in the KGI series, but I could jump right in and did not feel like I had missed anything. It's about the Kelly Group that takes on government jobs, and private jobs, things that no one else can manage. The 6 brothers are all big, military trained and ready to kick some serious ass. Nothing was mentioned about book 1, except for the couple, so no spoilers either. Sam Kelly was a great hero, protective, and strong. But Sophie was no weakling either, no she had been on the run for 5 months hiding, and all this while pregnant. I really liked her, she was so very protective and only wanted to save her child. Together they were one strong couple. Still it was not easy, he was unsure if she was lying or not, and she was unsure that he wanted to protect her. The passion was there in the beginning, 5 months later, and then it is more tricky, they will have a lot to go through, and to really get to know each other.The action was always there. Hiding from whoever was after her, taking them on, and then, ok I will not say anything more, but lots of action going on at the end. I like it intense.My thoughts and recommendation:I am feeling sweet and giving this one a 4 because at one time I did have a hard time putting it down, it got intense. There is action, some hot passion, because these two do want each other, doubts, and some good old family time. I warmed up to the Kelly family at once, and I did want more when I was finished. A great mix of romance and suspense, with a good plot too.Reason for reading: Advice from a buddy about the KGI