Release - Beth Kery k, first fire warning! Be prepared to burn your fingers off while reading this book. Kery know how to write an explosive book.Some of the events in this book is told in flashbacks, by the way I love that it is not in italics. The events three ago when Max shared his wife Ginny with Sean is still etched in Ginny's mind. But that night led to murder, and she has not seen Sean since then. In present time her house burns down and she goes back to the flat where she spent thay fatal night 3 years ago.Oh yes one hot night 3 years ago, but one night shared for all the wrong reasons. And the consequences were high. And now when Ginny and Sean rekindled their relationship they do not know if they can trust each other.The murder story is a big part of this part. Someone killed her husband, but they still do not know who? And now someone seems to be out after Ginny. The suspense keeps building up page after page and close to the end, I really want to know who did it, and what on earth is going on.Kery keeps my attention up, while delivering some hot sex scenes in between. Some very very hot ones, there was one with a window, oh, shall not say more. I like to tease. But what I can say is that some menage (well of course, just read the blurb), bondage and a bit of spanking is in store for the reader.The writing flowed easily, and I enjoyed this even more than my first Kery book. Which is strange really cos I am not a suspense kind of girl. But then again the who did it question always drives me insane, and I always want to try to be clever and figure it out.I liked this story cos they both think the other person is a murderer, but they still spend that time together cos they are obviously in love with each other. Sean is all alpha, and Ginny is sweet. A cute couple I wish could get that HEA in the end. But there is always a struggle on the way there.So if you are looking for a hot read, look no farther, this one will work this cold winter.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I kind of want that negligée ;)Reason for Reading: Won this book.Final thoughts: I think readers that are looking for soemthing hot wont be disappointed by this read.