Pleasure Unbound (Demonica Series #1)

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione There is nothing like some hot paranormal romance to shape things up now and again. I never thought I would find demons hot, but oh yes that they sure are. Hot and so much more.I did have some problems with this book cos I highly disliked Teyla and it took almost the entire book for me to stop. The problems were that she only saw things from one side, all while Eidolon saved her life, even though she was a slayer and would kill him on sight. Not questions asked. Even after he had stitched her up she continued her all demons are evil quest. And of course I know why but it just made it so hard for me to like her.But Eidolon was hot, and especially when he had nothing else than sex on his mind, lol, not his fault he was that kind of demon and he was close to this kind of change. Now all he wants is a mate so that he doesn't want to run around and have sex with everything that moves.Teyla is a kick-ass demon slayer with a chip on her shoulder, and I do agree with what Eidolon says about it being a sort of cult and they following like sheep.These clash at once but there is also a huge attraction between them. And then there is the fact that Teyla never has achieved an orgasm but a guy. Of course he wants to change that even if she is the enemy.This book promises wild chases, hot sex, and sizzling passion, and characters, other than the main ones, that leave you wanting more. And this is a series so yes you get to read about his hot brothers too.Hot book, with some ass kicking too, which I highly appreciate. Good despite me giving Teyla the evil eye through out the book. It manages to have a serious side too.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Nah not for meReason for reading: My own bookFinal thoughts: A book for all you paranormal romance fans out there.