Tithe (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #1)

Tithe (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #1) - Tithe was a good book, I really enjoyed this book. I can't belive I hadn't read it before. It's a very dark book and it takes up the normal things a teen goes through, sex, violence, alcohol, and feeling different. In that aspect I liked it, it was not a rosy sweet world, but a dark one where she didn't attend school anymore, and everyhting was just dirty and bleak.If you thought the faerie world was better then you are mistaken. This is how the seelie and unseelie world should look like. They are not a bunch of happy cute faries that Disney made them out to be. In the old stories they are a dark, blood thirsty, baby stealing and people drowning folk. You thread lighly when thinking you are near them and you are careful and use charms to ward them off. I like that Holly Black uses this in her book, and the fairy world is just as dark sa ours.I liked Kaye, she was a good heroine of this book. She is a bit different and she can see things that other cant. Soon enough when back in he hometown she is thrown into a dark world and she will become a pawn in a bigger game. Then there is the dark knight Roiben, well had to like him too. What was there not to like. Was there one charcater that was actually nice and sweet in this book, answer no. For some reason I liked that because it was more real. They were nice in their own ways, like her friend Cory. Such a nice guy actually. Good truthful portraits.I was sucked into this grim world, and I came back up wanting some more. There are two more books, the second I can skip but I am curious about book 3 because there we meet Kaye and Roiben again. And I want to know how things turns out.I would have liked to known why it was called Tithe, I just googled it and still don't know why. Otherwise this was a great book that I do recommened. It was a bit like Wicked Lovely in the faerie aspect but much darker and truer I thought, and better. I really enjoyed this book.