Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling Series #3)

Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh Sadly Judd didn't win me over, I mean he was yummy, but now think I know which books I may like from this series. The whole Psy are evil, and the council are making plans part, yes that part I find a bit boring. What I do love is the romance, and the changeling world.In this we meet Brenna who was rescued from an evil Psy serial killer, but she is having trouble getting back into life, and fear she might be ending up evil. Then there is Judd, all ice and Psy calm. A former assassin who knows that Silence probably saved him from ending up a serial killer. And now a new killer is loose and Brenna is leaning on Judd, who is slowly leaning back.Ok so yes my fav part is the love, but that depends, cos the slowly are so damn cold. Why anyone even bother beats me, Judd, him I could deal with, I think the guys work better for me. The problem here was that he was called ice-man now and again, and I had flashes of a certain Finnish former formula 1 driver, and I went all ugh, noooo!What I really enjoy about these books are the day to day changeling world, they are so sweet, but at the same time so aggressive if anyone hurts someone of theirs. In this book there was this cute scene about a little boy running and hiding, and doing that behind Judd, and then crawling his way up him. It was just adorable. Those are the best scenes.But I did like this one better than book 2, yes mostly cos of Judd. Anyway, tomorrow I will post a review of book 4, and that one is my fav so far. Less psy drama, more love drama.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: If one of the books looked like this I could deal, but not when all do!Reason for reading: Borrowed from a friendFinal thoughts: I wish there were changelings in this world.