Temptation in a Kilt

Temptation in a Kilt - Victoria  Roberts Highlander romance, awww, there is just something about those sexy Scots.In this one we have poor Rosalia, she does not come from a happy home, and now she must marry some English idiot. She did not see herself as pretty, brave, or anything really. She was beaten down, but she learns her own worth.Then we have the sexy Highlander she meets. Laird Ciaran McGregor who is trying to hold his household together while feuding with those bloody Campbells (and yes they were not nice at all.). He saves her, he wants her, they dance around each other, there are stolen kisses, and in the end the question is, can he let her go? He was strong, a gentleman (most of the time ;), and I liked him. He was something that she needed.We have the romance, troubles with the Campbells, a bitchy woman that wants Ciaran for herself, and get to know Ciaran's family. One brother is already married, but the other one is single, and a rogue. I hope he gets a book soon, and I hope..something (oh! I just read the blurb for the next book and hihi, that is all I am saying). There is also Rosalia's old friend James, and he is also someone I'd like to see fall in love with a nice girl.Conclusion:A nice highlander romance. You have it all, love, passion, fights and trouble in a kilt.