The Werewolf Upstairs

The Werewolf Upstairs - Ashlyn Chase Yes this is book 2, but all the characters are introduced again so one can jump right in. Roz is not sure what to believe either since her friend Merry did say she married a shape shifter. But when she does get that this is a not a normal house she takes it with ease. She was a nice woman, but insecure since she was not model thin. Konrad is one sweet wolf, and he tells her that she is perfect like she is. Gotta love that.This was romance and lust from the first moment. Yes they fell fast, and knew it fast too. They were really comfortable around each other too. So lots of romance and passion.The drama comes from him being caught for burglary, and then when one of the witches upstairs tries to solve this big case. The funnier parts are when they are dating. They are not happy with the jobs they have so they try new things, not with much success.I think I preferred book 1, I can't say, I would have to re-read it. But sometimes I just felt something lacking, I think it was in the way they talked, some of those lines could have been better. Something was missing.Recommendation and final thoughts:The house is amusing, I will give you that. A bunch of quirky characters, and I found myself wondering about the shifter Nathan, I think he could have a good book. If you enjoyed book 1 then you will surely like this one too.