Deadtown (Deadtown Series #1)

Deadtown (Deadtown Series #1) - Maybe I will just try to make it short for once. Sure I liked it, I could read it and all that. But there were also those times when I was bored. I liked what was happening, but I was not swept away of invested in it. But I do not want to mark it as just ok, but I fear I just have to. But I would read book 2...if someone gave it to me, and after I had read all my other books. I have no urge to read more. I kind of do not have the urge even to tell the library to get book 1...yeah.My I feel mean, do not get me wrong. It was an interesting world. A plague hit and some peeps in Boston are zombies. Our heroine Vicyy is a shapeshifter and demonkiller. Some people do not like the paranormals and most states to not accept them. Solid action, not so solid romance, I never felt anything there, was I supposed to?But if it sounds like a good UF book for you then go ahead and read it. It does have a bit of everything thrown in, I was just a bit more bored then usual. But I can still like thins even if I feel bored. I just do not know about this one. Now when I have finished it I feel that I am left with no feelings at all.2,50