Hard Spell (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation)

Hard Spell - Justin Gustainis Original review posted over at Book Lovers IncI always say that you should try all kinds of genres and books that are out there, but do I follow it? Not really and that is why I wanted to try this book. It is urban fantasy but not the kind I am used to. No kick-ass woman in leather and sexual tension between her and whoever alpha hottie that is around. Instead we have an older guy, a detective in this more old school detective novel with supernatural elements. I am thinking of that more hardboiled fiction (well ok not that violent) but you get the general idea. It’s just the general tone of the book, and I could so well see this in black and white on the screen. With that in mind I started reading.Hard Spell is about Stan, a detective who works investigating crimes done by and to supernaturals. Together with his partner he gets a hard and messy crime to figure out. Someone is killing supernaturals and if they can’t stop that person, all hell will break loose. He is struggling with a new partner, his own past and his dislike for vampires. It’s not a good day in Scranton.Yes Stan is certainly not like the main characters I am used to. His is a lot older and he has seen a lot. He is quite serious too at times and just hard on the edges. But I like him because he took his job seriously and he is good at it. His partner Karl is more a newbie on the force and they work together well. New and old, a good team. Karl also brings in a bit of humor, even if we get it through Stan’s sarcastic eyes. But it is all fun.It’s a bloody and dark world; they are cops so they see the worst things the city has to offer. If you like cop shows then you will like this book and if you like your UF with a more detective theme and without any romantic entanglements then this is the story for you. Though I as the eternal romantic do have a woman in mind for Stan, because he is not blind and he has checked someone out. So who knows if he will find a good woman at the end.I did like the book because it was fast paced, I wondered if they would catch the bad guy and if Stan would soften up a bit (you will just have to read and find out). But is it my kind of genre? Perhaps not, I do need tiny flicker of romance to root for and I will just stick to my normal UF. But that does not mean that I cannot enjoy a book like this. Because in the end it is a good book.