For Darkness Shows the Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund When I heard about this one I knew I had to read it. A re-telling of Persuasion, and I do love that book.This is a post-apocalyptic world, a dystopian society where The Luddites rule over the reduced and the post-reduced. Genetic experimentation went wrong and some kids were born wrong(The reduced) and after a few generations they did get birth to normal kids but they are still owned. It was a great society, ok do not get me wrong, it was a horrible society, it was just great to read about as I love when an author truly creates something good and well terrible. The world has crumbled, you can't travel across the ocean as you would get lost. Technology (high tech) is forbidden. God punished these people. As you can see, what an awesome premise. I do think it was the world I liked the most.But ok on to the story. It followed Persuasion in some aspects (I mean after all this is a dystopian messed up society so everything can't be in there). I liked the story of how 18 year old Elliot meets her old friend Kai again. He was owned by them before he ran away. Now he has money and fame as the Posts are making names for themselves. The world is changing. Kai was a bit of an ass (as he should be), he was hurt and Elliott is trying to cope with her new responsibilities. As just as in Persuasion her sister and dad are idiots.A good dystopian book, great world, and a love story that even if not in the spotlight, surely burns inside of them.