Stormlord's Exile

Stormlord's Exile - Glenda Larke I do love trilogies, why, well cos they end! It's comforting reading a series and knowing that there will be an ending in sight. Still it's always sad when they do end.When this book starts the country is a mess. The Reduners have been chased away but they are still out there. And yes some of them are bad, but some are good and the whole Stormlord system is so bad. All people should get water not just a chosen few.Which brings us to the characters, Shale tries to help his people, but so many of them are freaking assholes. The whole priest class should be dumped in the ocean, freaking hate this idiots. Their whole religion is a big fat lie too. Then we have 2 scheming women that makes me want to wring their necks. Laisa and her evil evil daughter. Shale is way too nice, not just with them, but with others too. Sometimes too kind is gonna bite you in the ass. It was horrible to read at sometimes cos I just wanted to go there and kick them. Yes the best of books make me so angry at characters. Who else then, Terelle of course, the woman Shale loves, the woman who has go back to homeland because her evil grandfather put a spell on her. She is nice and, well poor her at times. Then there is Kaneth and Ryka, aww, they turned out sweet. Shale's psycho Reduner brother and then we have the big players.The book was not as good as the first, still it was great and it does make you think. An interesting history, an interesting country and a place where I could see more stories set in the future.A recommended series.