The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance Series #2)

The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance Series #2) - I will try to make this short. Book 1 was filled with what I felt was magical prose and seductive dark sentences. This book sadly was not. It was still a good book, but yes not as good as book 1. I did not root for the characters like I did with book 1 either, neither did I feel the deep ache I felt while reading book 1. I will still give book 3 a go because I hope the magic will come back. It was just so wonderful.The thing that did not make this book as good was that the beautiful prose was gone for me. It was still a rich and wonderful world. Where godlings now lived among humans, and where so much had changed since the "emergence" of two new gods. She is still such a good storyteller. But for me, well sure I liked Oree, but I did not always care for Oree. And Shiny, no, sadly not for him either. The only person I did really like was the godling Madding.So for me it is the case of 2nd book blues, still good, just not as great.Conclusion:I will try book 3, but only because I loved book 1 so much. Still this was a good book.