Mist - Susan Krinard I did expect more from this cos it had such a cool premise with Norse Mythology. The myths of my genes (my soul is another business). But I just never connected with Mist. For someone that old she was not very smart.I know I read an ARC but I just came across such an unforgivable thing. "The Border of Norway and Switzerland", oh I did not now that. Has Norway moved? And do not give me the they both begin with Sw. I expect more from an ARC that deals with Norse mythology. I wondered how others would feel about this book, strange words and things are scattered through out it I know Norwegian, I know my myths so that was not a problem, but did others feel the same? Or would it be confusing?Still it had its good moments. Action with frost giants, a strange Elf, and of course the great trickster Loki causing havoc. And I know he is a lusty devil, but enough is enough. It just got icky and he was not a baddie I was scared of. But there is a good cliffie ending that promising bad things to happen. How on earth Mist will get out of this one I do not know. Maybe Ragnarök will finally happen.Conclusion:But for me connection is important and sadly it did not happen for me this time. But the story was promising.