Steel's Edge (Novel of the Edge)

Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews I have said it before, but it's just that the rest of the series was nit as good as book 1. That one was fresh and cool. It's not as the rest was not good, they were, just not as good.Oh and now I am also a bit sad. I read that it said end of series. What? I think George and Sophie totally should get a book. Now I am disappointed to see the world go. Yes I am never happy.Anyway. It's a about a Weird Healer and Richard Mar who met in previous books. Edger raised and now known as the Hunter. Together they hunt down some slavers. He is all calm and cool. And so is she, as she was raised to Nobility she had to be. Nothing can touch her. I did like her, and him and I guess they fitted together.We also meet Jack and George again, yay. There is fighting, death, and a few surprises. A good whatever this genre is. Rustic fantasy she calls it, lol.Cover SnarkShe looks like she is 14 or something, weird