The Way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy #1)

The Way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy #1) - There is a reason for why fantasy is my one true love, I may cheat on fantasy but I always come back and I love it the most. This book I got from googling "fantasy authors who write like Raymond E Feist and Robert Jordan". This series I was told I would like if I liked Feist and Jordan. The truth, I did like it, and I can see Feist in it. So thank you google.This is not a pretty book, right there in the beginning the harsh reality of street kids is shown and it is horrible beyond imagining. Kids hurting kids. Azoth is a thief grown up in the slum and who knows he has no real future. One night he encounters the mysterious Durzo Blint, the greatest assassin, or wetboys as these masters are called. He sees a way out and after some events he seeks Durzo out and he is given an ultimatum. He begins his training and Azoth dies and he severs all ties with his past. Even with Doll Girl who he only wants to see saved. As Kylar Stern, a noble, he has a new path.As I said, the beginning is harsh and raw. It sets the tone, because he does kill people in later life. And he is not some nice assassin who only kills the wicked. He kills those he is told to kill, and if someone innocent crosses his path that person dies too. Still I have to like Kylar, he is a hero, the way he wants to save poor Doll Girl, and the rest of the gang. And he is likeable, more so than his master Durzo. But then he has been a killer for a much longer time.This is the kind of fantasy that I enjoy, magic, darkness, war, a lot going on. Yes perfect for me. Epic fantasy that left me wanting more. The kingdom is in turmoil and to the north there is a shadow, a godking who wants more. Which means war, and political intrigue and assassinations.Weeks has created a nice world where cultures has mixed and in the city where this takes place 9 rule the underworld, and I like his creation. The wetboys are also interesting because they all have talents, magic.The first part of thsi book was amazing and I was swept away, the second part wasn't as good. Do not get me wrong, it was still good, just not that I can't stop, go away all who wants to disturb me amazing. I think it might have been because I got a bit upset with a certain person who accused Kylar of something he didn't do. And because the second part mostly took place around one fatal night. While the rest of the book moved along. Still, yes the whole book was great anyway. Don't think otherwise.Read one review where he was called a sadistic genius, but let's not go all George RR Martin on him now, I didn't see him like that.Yes he kills people, but not everyone like the king of character massacres. But he does dare to kill off some people in this book, that is true.Great fantasy, how I love amazing fantasy, and wonderful characters. I want to read more by him! I wish I could convert everyone to fantasy readers, there is truly no better genre to read. Fantasy rocks my socks off, yes go read this series.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Fantasy :DReason for Reading: My own copy.Final thoughts: I just came back from the bookstore, I had them order me book 2. That pretty much sums it up.