Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (Jane Jameson)

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men - Molly Harper I am gonna make this short, I really should write reviews at once, as the flow is no longer there two days later.The series is fun and cute. It's good, it does not wow me, but then paranormal almost never do. I like the books, I just do not go rant crazy.Jane is cool, and she loves books! What is there not to like. Though I am not sure about her and her sire Gabriel. Sure the angry sex in the last book was nice but I just do not trust him. I like his friend Dick more and that is sadly a lost cause. I like Zed more, and he is getting in this book. Maybe if Gabriel changes a bit, but then nothing is really wrong anyway. I just do not click (but the angry sex was awesome! And he is hot).But as for the book, it was fun, I like the ghosts, the trouble with the wedding and I hope Jane gets a HEA in the end.