Shimmerlight (Once Upon a Time Travel, #2)

Shimmerlight (Once Upon a Time Travel, #2) - Jill Myles This story is a companion novel to Mirrorlight. They are both perfect to read as stand alone though. The thing that connects them is a mysterious woman named Muffin and time-travelling.In this one Chloe works for mysterious Muffin building a website at night. And then she finds a statue and fondles it, lol, yes she admires it and wonders what is under that leaf. And then he comes to life. You can figure out what the do next. Because this is one hot and short novella. They have fun with each other all while she tries to figure out how this can continue. He is a statue from another era. No happy ending in store for them. At least this is what she thinks because in the end this is romance and we all know they will live happily ever after. How is the question.Short and really hot is what this lovestory has in store for you. A perfect read for a lazy summerday.