One Salt Sea (October Daye Series #5)

One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire I am still loving this series. Toby was as kick-ass as usual and Tybalt, well I love cats! And the scene where he was on the car seat as a cat, lol, yes she should take him on.The action was ever present as always. War is brewing and she needs to find missing kids. Danger, the sea witch, "mermaids", and dealing with her new life after finding out what her mum really is. Not to mention flirting and kissing with Connor now when he is not with that horrid wife of his. The wife I swore over in the last book as she is diabolical. But as for Connor as a person, eh, no team Connor for me. I want the kitty!I have said all the same things before so I will not make this long. At the end I wanted book 6 at once! It did not end with a cliffie but I just crave more as this series keeps on being strong.