A Local Habitation (October Daye Series #2)

A Local Habitation - Seanan McGuire My thoughts:It's Friday and I will try to make it short, you know I always say this but never quite managing making it really short ;=)Anyway, yay, one more October Daye book for me to read. I really liked book 1 and wanted to read more. The series is just so dark and she doesn't always save the day at the first try. People die, as seen in book 1. I also like the world, the fairies are all around us, in our world, in the Summerlands, always hiding. A great world, and a great heroine. Poor Toby, will she talk to her mum again? What about that which she left behind 14 years ago? That breaks my heart and makes me wonder.Back to this book. She is sent to find out why Duke Sylvester's niece is not answering his calls. A mystery she has to solve if she wants to live. This would be the only negative things about the book, 95% of the book takes place at an office building over a few days. I do like a good change of scenario, so that does not make this book as good as book 1.As for romance, Connor..but I do not like him, he should know better. He belongs to someone else, someone who would kill poor Toby. Therefore I love Tybalt. One: He is a cat! I love cats. Two: Well he is a cat, duh, I love them. So that pretty much brought me over to this team. And he is all mysterious and weird.And look, this is not short... Ok I can't make it truly short, oh well.Conclusion:Thanks to a contest win I got book 3, since, well I need to read more. A recommended serie.