A Bloody Good Secret (Secret McQueen, #2)

A Bloody Good Secret (Secret McQueen, #2) - Sierra Dean First of all there will be spoilers from book 1 as I am gonna squee and ramble on.I read book 1 today and thought, why did no one tell me the series is so good?! (ok maybe they did and I did not listen). After finishing it I had a serious case of withdrawal and you know I had to get more. So I had to get and start book 2 and I did not put it down. No dinner was made today, the dishes from yesterday's dinner is still in the sink, the bed was not made. You get the point. I was all about schhhhhh! I am reading today.So what made it so good? A great heroine that goes her own way, and is both vampire and werewolf. And in the last book she found out she is soulbound, not only to the werewolf king but to his second in command too. Sure Lucas is good and rich, but I am lusting over Desmond more. Just cos he was more willing to stand there at the side watching them court. I heart Desmond. But, all is not good, honestly I need to read more! In the last book there was a mention that her vampire side will find someone too. And I am dying to know who it is, someone knew? Holden? ..the freaky Finn Sig? You know a series is good if I read 2 in a day. And when I want the books in print as I read ebooks.Recommended of course. And I need more..mooooore.