Shift (Shifters Series #5)

Shift - Rachel Vincent Sad things has happened, Ethan died *sniff*, and the Pride is no after Malone's blood. I am urging them on. Still no attack, cos this book introduces thunderbirds, oh yes big bad-ass shifters that swoop down and attack Faythe's pride. Why, well that you'll see.Tensions are on high alert between Faythe, Marc and Jace. And I fear I will be so sad by book 6, she is gonna pick Marc, oh please pick Jace, but then he will surely die or something, and I am gonna be so sad.Politics, so much politics, evil Malone wants to take the tabbies and rule. What a creep, so they are on trouble from many directions in this one.Faythe keeps getting stronger. I do like her, such a good heroine, even if she makes mistakes.Finished this one in a day (ok it helped that I had to spend it in bed), but it was really good, and I truly want Alpha now. But sadly I do not have it, so dang.