Touch of Dead Sookie Stackhouse Collecti

A Touch of Dead - Charlaine Harris Since this book consists of 5 short stories I am going to review them all.Fairy DustIn this one Claudine, the fairy needs Sookie's help. This was an ok short story, Sookie used her power, and the fairies showed their true nature.One Word AnswerA man shows up at Sookie's house to give her that which belonged to her cousin.This one explains more about Hadley. I remember reading the book where Sookie went to New Orleans and being a bit confused. SO this one could have been good to read beforehand.Dracula NightEric is going crazy planning a party because every year Dracula himself attends one, and Eric really wants it to be his.This one was my favourite, and I am not saying that because Eric was in it, ok that played a part. But it was interesting with the whole myth about Dracula, and there was Sookie and Eric interaction.LuckyAn insurance agent asks Sookie for help and together with Amelia she plays detective.A little detective work and an ok story.GiftwrapSookie finds a wounded shifter in the forest, it's Christmas and she is all alone and takes him home.This one had a little heat in it, a tiny bit. But it was a good and surprising story.Overall I found myself enjoying these stories more than the books. Sookie fits really well in a short story, and these were from different times during her life after she met Bill. This one explains some things, and some are just pure amusement. A little treat for Sookie Stackhouse lovers.But, I do feel like you should have read the first 8 books so you really grasp things. Like the fairies, her grandfather and who Amelia is, no to mention the whole were community. In the book it also says when the stories takes place.Final thoughts: I was amused, and it reminded me that I really need book 9.