Never Again (Wizards of Nevermore Series #1)

Never Again - Michele Bardsley My thoughts:What a light and easy read. I read it in no time at all, and I do like books like that. Sometimes you just need them.Lucy was a woman who had made some bad choices. But she didn't know better and she is pretty damaged cos of that creep Bernard. But she was nice and tough. Then there is Gray who is messed up too because of the whole sacrifice thing. Still he slowly becomes himself again and he is one great guy. Now these two together, sure they fell in lust and love pretty fast, but I liked that. It's magic, and the magic wanted them together. Passion is promised in this one.Then there is the danger. Someone is doing something for some reason in Nevermore. Who, oh I had no idea. That mystery was a good part of the plot since it does include Gray in it.The world building was nice. Magic and normal people side by side. Houses that rule those with powers, demons that are wicked and all those nice things. Nevermore was a good town, pretty beaten down but I am sure it will get back on its feet after this. The world felt real, and not too much. Best thing, more to come, wicked older sister has plans, and something is going to happen.Conclusion:Did I mention light, yes I did, if you want a passionate fast read with magic and some danger thrown in then this might be the book for you. An interesting book, and I would like to read more about Nevermore.