Nightwalker (Dark Days, #1)

Nightwalker (Dark Days, #1) - Jocelynn Drake This is urban fantasy that had me pleasantly surprised. It is not just the eternal struggle between the vampires and the hunters. There are darker beings in this book, and my attention was caught.Mira is a vampire, living in the US, away from the Coven and the vampire Elders. She holds the peace in her territory, and the thing about her is that she can create fire. A strange thing since that can kill vampires, and no other nightwalker has ever held this power. She is different. Then there is Danaus, the strange hunter that has been stalking her, and who would love to kill her. The chemistry between them is there, but it's being held back. Since he think all vampires are bloodthirsty monsters, and since she knows he would love to stake her. I can only imagine that the tension will continue to build, and it did make me want to read more.There is also some werewolves in this book, and warlocks, so magic and strange things are out there, but humans do not know. And then we come to my favorite part of this book, the strange Naturi, those we call elves and pixies, of course they are nothing like that and they want to kill all humans and nightwalkers. There is also a even darker force, but those are not mentioned more than by word. But it is this rich history and mythology that makes this book great, ad which holds my attention. Drake has done well with creating a world that echo of long lost myths, and darkness hidden in shadows.It is an easy book, not that much romance, but enough to tempt me that there might be more. Some fights, but in a way not too much action. It is hard to explain, there is action, of course, but at the same time there is this other tone in the book. About understanding, magic, and even older forces that keep us in place.This was great Urban fantasy, and I want to read more about Mira, and the troubles she is facing as the Naturi wants to come back into the world. And who said it was easy to co-exist with your fellow nightwalkers either. It will keep you on your edge, and I do recommend this book to fellow UF fans out there. Mira is worth the chance, and I liked her at once.